About Sakana House

If you love Chinese and Japanese food, then you’ll love the Sakana House.

Established in 2015, "Sakana" means fish in Japanese. But we didn’t choose the name just for the food we love. Fish also means good fortune, abundance, and perseverance in Japan.
That was why we named our restaurant Sakana House.

We believe that food quality and freshness is key to a fantastic restaurant experience. That’s why every dish we serve is made with only the finest ingredients and by our experienced chefs. And with over 200 (Japanese and Chinese) items on our lunch and dinner menu, we guarantee there’s something for everyone.

Sakana House voted Barrie's Best Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Restaurant for 2017!

Whether you’re interested in A-La-Carte sushi, sashimi—flown in fresh from overseas—or our Japanese bento boxes, chef special rolls, or Chinese dishes, we have it all. And if you can’t make a decision on your favorite entrée or appetizer, we invite you to try it all with our All You Can Eat service. Our expertly trained chefs pour their heart and soul into every meal, so you can sit back and relax knowing that no matter what you order it will be an experience to remember.

Sakana House is the perfect spot for date nights, birthdays, business luncheons and meetings or your next night out. Our ambiance is welcoming and enjoyable. You’ll love our giant fish tank and décor that will put you in the mindset of a tranquil Asian oasis.

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Meet the Business Owner

Hi everyone my name is Sam Chen, the owner, and chef of Sakana House. When I was very young, growing up in China, I had a yen for the sights, sounds, and atmosphere of my family’s kitchen. I spent a lot of time there, learning how to cook, and I really liked it.

That youthful passion for the preparation and creation of meals never left. In fact, it grew to the point that, in 1997, I moved to Toronto and established myself as a full-time chef at a Japanese restaurant. Then, after many years of professional experience in Toronto, I thought about the possibilities of owning and running my own restaurant—while looking north about 50 minutes, to the city of Barrie.

I chose Barrie for the friendly people and our location on Big Bay Point Road so that I could make Sakana House a nice, neighborhood restaurant. Now, we’re fast approaching our second anniversary, and we can’t wait to celebrate with everyone. In fact, things are going so well; we have recently expanded Sakana House to accommodate an additional 40 patrons. We now offer an exclusive dining area (with reservations) for parties of 15 to 18 people.

As well we are planning to open a second location soon!

It's been my pleasure to serve our customers with delicious food each and every day.